Southwest Animal Care Center

11010 Southwest Highway
Palos Hills, IL 60465



I'm Jordan - I joined SWACC in January of 2020. I've always loved working with animals and care deeply about animal rights. In my spare time, I enjoy doing taekwondo, yoga, and photography. I have a chocolate lab named Lanie, a Lhasa apso named Patches, and a betta fish named Shampoo. I recently have started doing tech work at SWACC also!! 


Hi I'm Rowan and I've been at SWACC since 2010 as a kennel assistant. I'm going to school for aircraft maintenance. I'm more of an animal person than a people person. My favorite dog is Kellan! 


I started at SWACC as a kennel assistant back in Fall 2015. As the years went by I was trained to be a receptionist as well. So I’m multi use now. I can help the other receptionists when it gets crazy busy with phones ringing or clients needing to checkin/checkout. I also don’t work as many days anymore due to my second job, but I’ve stayed because I love animals so much. And most importantly, Dr. Dahl and Vickie have been in my life since before starting at SWACC. We all worked together at a previous location many years back and we just never lost touch. I feel like their my second family away from home and can’t break away just yet. Oh and obviously if I love animals I have to have pets right? Well I do, I have too many dogs LOL but only one cat.


I have been working at SWACC since August of 2020 and I enjoy all aspects of the job. I enjoy all the new experiences and meeting all the new pets that come through our door.